The renewable energy policy for the 21st century organization, ren21, connects a wide range of entities such as governments, international organizations, industry associations, science and academia with civil society to facilitate knowledge sharing, policy development and joint action to achieve a rapid global transition to renewable energy.


A more functional, interactive and informative space, which contributes to reinforcing the company's brand and intensifying knowledge of its activities and direct contact with its stakeholders.


Olelá has developed for REN21 customized collaboration tools that allow regional and specific contributors to publish reports on the global REN21 Renewables situation.

The report offers an integrated perspective of the global situation of renewable energies and has become the most referenced in the renewable energy sector.


REN21's interactive map of renewables is a research tool for monitoring the development of renewable energy around the world.

The Map offers a simplified method for the collection and exchange of information on economic development and framework policies in the field of renewable energy. Interactive map features allow you to navigate by country or region of the world and search by technology or industry.

The REN21 interactive map is currently in the process of becoming a pioneering Linked Open Data portal.


By embedding the widget on your website, you will make quick access to the REN21 map and help users access renewable energy data for free.