Countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Middle East have joined the en.lighten efficient lighting initiative with the goal of achieving the global elimination of traditional incandescent light bulbs by 2016. Among these 55 countries alone partners will save more than 6,000 million euros and 35 million tons of CO2 per year.


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The en.lighten initiative needed a tool to collaborate with policy makers, government representatives and teams that implement efficient lighting regulations in countries to achieve a transition to efficient lighting. The challenge was to find a resource that would allow the best experts in efficient lighting to interact and respond to the questions and needs of the countries, providing direct technical guidance for the development of actions.

Olelá has developed a learning platform that makes relevant information available to users in a simple and clear way, such as the Global Policy Map and the National Lighting Assessments. The Efficient Lighting Guide (Toolkit), which presents policy best practices and provides practical and technical tools for those directly involved in in-country waste disposal activities, has replaced what was a PDF document to become into a downloadable, browsable and searchable online resource.

A series of informative and practical webinars on interesting aspects of lighting have also been included.



Olelá has developed several interactive maps where the status of efficient lighting activities and policies in each country of the world is represented. The maps provide an overview of the savings potential from the energy efficient lighting phase.

Each country is classified according to its development policy.



Designed for the Global Efficient Lighting Forum held in Beijing, China. The forum addressed the need to accelerate the phase of energy efficiency in lighting products.


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